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It is important to be able to enjoy what you love while still being health conscious.  For a long time, it has been generally accepted that one drink-a-day for women, or two-a-day for men, has been considered within the margin of responsibility.  Red wine, specifically, is touted for the benefit of polyphenols and antioxidants which

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Sake: Unveiling the Mysteries of Japan’s Traditional Elixir

For most Americans, sake is a rarely enjoyed and often overlooked category of libations. The classification, production process, and qualities of this drink can be quite foreign to the average American consumer. Made from rice, water, and Koji (rice mold), among a few other key ingredients like yeast, the production process truly is not much

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Piedmont Vineyards

Don’t Miss Out! If you have not been to one of our in-store “Meet the Winemaker” events, well you are missing out on a relaxed informal chance to meet and taste with a winemaker. We are very fortunate to live in a state that many winemakers from around the world enjoy the opportunity to come

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Pratsch Rose!

Pratsch Rosè With warmer days on the horizon, it’s time I shared one of my favorite affordable rosès with you. Forget Provence. My rosè exploration has been focused on Austria for the last few Summers. It’s hard to find a better value in this category than Pratsch Rosè. The Pratch family takes the utmost care

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Jamie’s Wine of the Week

VAGLIO BLANCO 2019 Tucked in the Uco Valley of Mendoza, Argentina you can find the vineyards of Vaglio winery. The property was founded in 2013 by José Lovaglio Balbo, son of famed winemaker, Susanna Balbo- the first woman to earn an enology degree in Argentina. José aims to highlight the various microclimates of Northern Mendoza

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Jamie’s Wine of the Week

Monte Bernardi ‘Italia Ti Adoro’ Everyone has their favorite Italian wine region. From the world-class Nebbiolo and Barbera grown in Piedmont, to Tuscan Sangiovese blends, and bold Sicilian varietals in the south, you can find wine worth falling in love with throughout Italy. Yet, if you find yourself unable to decide, reach for this biodynamically

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