Piedmont Vineyards

Don’t Miss Out!

If you have not been to one of our in-store “Meet the Winemaker” events, well you are missing
out on a relaxed informal chance to meet and taste with a winemaker. We are very fortunate to
live in a state that many winemakers from around the world enjoy the opportunity to come and
“work the market.” At Superior Liquor we want to introduce you to these men and woman and
for them to meet our fantastic customers! On March 21 we had Alberto Grimaldi from
Piedmont here to sign bottles, talk about his vineyards and quaff some of his yummy wines. We
had a fabulous turnout! For those of you who came in, we thank you so much for making that
tasting. For those of you wondering what the heck I am talking about….here are the perks of
coming to our tastings
– No charge for the tasting.
– Special pricing on the wines we are tasting that day.
– Informative and fun! No long-winded dissertations on the winemaking procedures. More
of a meet, greet and taste experience, but you are welcome to pepper the winemaker
with questions about their wine.
– Get your bottle signed! They make fabulous gifts for your wine enthusiast friends and
– Max Fiest, the grocery buyer for our store prepares a charcutier board that pairs with
wines we are tasting. So, there are snacks!

We post our events on the Superior Website, under the events tab. Or you can follow us on
Facebook and Instagram! Cheers!


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