Tellurides’ Face Down Brown

Tellurides’ Face Down Brown!

Spring is here and we find ourselves in the awesomeness where the weather can’t seem to
make up its mind on whether or not to be sunny and warm or snowy and dreary. Either way, we
drink on. This weeks’ beer is a beer that can be enjoyed in whatever situation Mother Nature
decides she wants to go. Tellurides’ Face Down Brown is an outstanding brown. With a light
body, but robust sweet porter like taste, this one won’t weigh you down for the warm days but
will keep you warm on a snowy day. Pours just like a porter with very minimal head. On the
nose you get the aroma of an amber with slight hints at a super malty backbone. Upon sipping it
the aromas explode in the mouth with an almost sweet maple like coating on the tongue. On the
back end you really taste the wonderful mixture of malt and hazelnut making this beer awesome
from the pour to the bottom of the glass! Cheers!


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