Isle of Raasay Peated Scotch

Isle of Raasay Peated Scotch!

Peated Scotch can be a polarizing topic for whiskey drinkers. People either absolutely
love it or hate it. There are plenty to choose from and with a wide variety of flavor that
can be found in them once you get past the peated taste. With Colorado spring upon us
it is the perfect time to try a lightly peated single malt from the Isle of Raasay. The Isle of
Raasay is a small Island in the Hebridean islands of Scotland that is a short ferry ride
from the much more popular Isle of Skye. There are only 161 people living on the island
and the distillery on the island employees 25 of them. The distillery is a young distillery
having only started distilling in2017. Part of the ethos of the distillery is to produce,
mature, bottle, and market every drop of spirit directly from the island. Isle of Raasay
produces both a peated and unpeated whiskey from 100% Scottish barley using water
from the island. Then the whiskeys are put into first fill rye, fresh chinkapin oak, and first
fill Bordeaux red wine casks. After the aging process is complete all six casks are
blended to create a fantastic lightly peated scotch. Even the bottle uses imprints that are
taken from the rocks of the island itself. Some of the flavors you will find in this scotch
are rye spice, cherry, sea salt, and the signature light smoke. If you have been thinking
about trying a peated scotch but don’t want to be overpowered by the smoke flavor Isle
of Raasay is the perfect starting point.


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