Max’s Foodie Pick of the Week

This week’s food pick combines sweet, heat and savory into one perfect spoonful. Pepperlane Preserves of Midway, Utah has been creating jams and jellies since the early 90s where jalapeño peppers are transformed and come alive into a taste explosion of sweet with a kick. In fact this product is lovingly referred to as the, “condiment with a kick” and is used by fine restaurants, chefs and gourmet cooks around the world. Perfect as an accompaniment to all kinds of cheeses, a spread on a sandwich, a glaze on meats, added to salad dressings or dabbed onto plain yogurt, Pepperlane Preserves is sure to elevate any dish or snack to the next level. Available in 6 different flavors; Blackberry Buzz, Crano- Peno, Peppricot, Raz Pepper, Sweet Heat and Sweet Mother of Onion, the Pepperlane Preservers will be on sale this week for only $6.99, usually $9.99, per 11oz jar.

Cheers and Bon Appetit!

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