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4 Noses Cherry Pie Velvet

Let’s stop beating around the bush: A milkshake “IPA” has about as much in common with your average IPA as it does with a barrel full of walnuts. But are they worth checking out anyway? Cherry Pie Velvet from our friends over at 4 Noses makes a pretty good case for it. This peculiar brew pours a hazy grapefruit color and bursts out of the glass with both tropical and pastry-like aromas. Lactose lends it a creamy character and a medium-heavy body signature to the style, with tart cherry notes coming forward first before being enveloped by vanilla and pie crust. Each swig is only moderately sweet, so you’re not going to overwhelm your palette with simple sugars even if you finish the whole pint in one sitting. There’s little to no hop character to be found other than a bit on the nose, which further makes me question the “IPA” label. But while it may not satisfy hop-heads looking for something dank and juicy, it’s got plenty of presence and complexity to stand on its own.


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