Matt’s Wine of the Week 08/05/2020


Wines of Argentina have always been very intriguing to me in that the cost-to-value ratio is so beneficial to the wine drinker. It is always so satisfying to open a bottle of wine expecting one thing, based off of what you paid for it, and then after you have tasted it you almost feel like you stole something! After tasting this lovely, 50/50 blend of Malbec and Syrah I had to take a second look at the pricing because I really thought it was going to be much closer to $20 a bottle. You really can’t find much better than this medium bodied red that is packed to the gills with black fruit and just the slightest reduction. Great minerality on the nose and a juicy and rich mouthfeel with sprinkles of pepper and spice. This wine is a Rockstar with anything from the grill and/or just hanging around the firepit! Enjoy!

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