Tia Linda’s Famous Margarita Recipes: A Family Tradition!

Welcoming, always fun, and definitely the life of the party – Aunt Linda has always been the one who brings family and friends together. No matter the event, one thing is for certain: Tia Linda will have a batch of her “famous” margarita recipe whipped up and ready for all to enjoy. From holidays to weddings to pool parties and more, these delightful, punch-packing cocktails have been part of countless good memories. For years, the family has wanted to share this tasty and refreshing recipe with the world and now, with Tia Linda’s blessing, of course, they finally can.

Tia Linda’s margaritas come in four different award-winning flavors. There is the Classico—bright and refreshing with upfront flavors of Meyer lemon and lime, with hints of tequila, salt, and orange, striking the perfect balance. Then there’s the Passion, Orange, Guava (POG)—tropical flavors of passion fruit and guava immediately take you away with subtle hints of orange, citrus, salt, and tequila. The Spicy Jalapeno features aromas of freshly picked peppers, cut garden greens, and citrus. Bright lemon and lime flavors are immediately met by chopped jalapeno pepper spice on the tongue, giving way to a lingering spicy finish. Finally, there’s the Strawberry—fresh smashed strawberries and sweet citrus aromas. Strawberry jam, lemon, and lime flavors dance together with hints of tequila and salt that carry through to provide a clean, crisp finish.

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