Summer Sips: Discover Rare Trait from Cerebral Brewing!

It’s getting nice and hot out there. Summer is on the doorstep, and we don’t want to spend extra time deciding which IPA to drink. Luckily, this is Colorado, and we have an abundance of excellent IPAs. Today, we would like to introduce a no-brainer for those seeking a fresh and reliably delicious hazy IPA. When you open a Rare Trait from Cerebral Brewing, you get rich and balanced aromas of stone fruit and hops. In a pint glass, it looks like a peach, nicely carbonated without too much head. On the palate, a solid juicy flavor evolves into a complex and authentic Citra Mosaic hops profile, leaving you thirsty for more.

Rare Trait is a flagship beer from Cerebral Brewing, and it’s an awesome statement. The experience is complete and crushable. This is an instant Colorado classic. With an ABV of 6.4%, it is hardly overpowering, making Rare Trait a not-so-rare treat this summer.


-Blog Written by Daryoosh Ardalan



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