Spirit Blog: Breckenridge Bourbon Reserve Barrel #10

Hello Friends!

I am pleased to announce that our newest reserve barrel from Breckenridge Distillery has arrived, and I must say we outdid ourselves this time. Easily selected as the stand alone favorite from the four barrels tasted by our staff, this blend boasts an intense flavor profile. The mash bill is 49% Rye and 51% corn, which are the typical proportions for Breck’s baseline bourbon. However, the art is in the barrel aging process. Because every oak tree is different, each barrel imparts unique nuances of flavor which are often unexpected when the casks are opened. These ‘special’ casks are set aside to be blended themselves and sampled out into the market. The barrel our staff selected for our 10th edition has a beautiful nose of earthy rye grain. The extra richness extracted from the rye grain balances nicely with the sweetness from the corn, leading to one damn good bottle of whiskey. They’re going quickly, so come by and grab your bottle today!


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