Adrian’s wine of the week. 6/12/19

Lelievre – Gris de Toul Rosé 2018
Regular Price:  $17.99
Sale Price:  $14.99

It seems like we rounded a corner this weekend.  The temperatures are rising, the meltoff is picking up steam, and it is time for rosé season to really kick in!  So, this week I’d like to showcase one of my favorite rosés year after year.  The Lelievre Gris de Toul comes from a winery that was started in 1971 when Jean Lelievre decided to bottle the family’s grapes instead of selling them to neighboring winemakers.  The land has been under vine for centuries since they were originally planted by the Romans.  After working towards organic certification for a decade, conversion to organic officially started in 2018.  This blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir is a beautiful salmon color and has a silky smooth and luscious mouthfeel.  You’ll love the delicious strawberry and cranberry flavors that burst from the glass.  The finish is tart and refreshing, making this a perfect pick for the upcoming summer days!  Cheers!  

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