Savor the Summer with Wibby Brewing’s Home Team Pilsner

The 4th of July holiday has come and gone, and we’re back to work, but let’s keep the ball rolling. We have plenty of pool time and baseball left this year. Plus, the Olympics are right around the corner. Wibby Brewing from Longmont, CO specializes in lagers, and they make some good beer. The Home Team Pilsner is so crisp and thirst-quenching that you can crush it in any environment. Meanwhile, the drinking experience is complex enough to satisfy most critical beer lovers. Just a hint of hops and a quality malt contribute to its full mouthfeel and inviting aroma. When you drink the Home Team Pilsner, you know you’re drinking a fine beer, but it doesn’t build on your palate or dominate your senses. This just allows you to enjoy more of that barbecue! Whether you’re poolside, tailgating at the Rockies, or watching gymnastics in the air conditioning this month, remember to root for the Home Team Pilsner from Wibby Brewing.



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