Brian’s Spirit Blog of the week 11/20/19

G4 Tequila

The G4 Tequila line has recently emerged onto the tequila scene, rapidly climbing the ranks of popularity due to its clarity of flavor achieved through innovative distilling processes. Estate-grown agave reaches full maturity before having the male plant parts removed cutting down on bitterness in the final product. The discarded male parts are processed into fertilizer and the remainder is roasted in hand-made stone ovens which evenly cook the agave pinas on all sides. Mineral-rich rainwater is harvested on site to be used in the distillation process, resulting in a unique tequila experience.

  • The Blanco boasts a true agave pepperiness pairing well with the mineral rich water. Enjoy straight to showcase the silky texture with spicy, peppery, and buttery notes.
  • The Reposado takes what shines in the Blanco and rests those flavors in oaken barrels for 6 months. Half a year later the tequila emerges with new flavors of peach and licorice with a lighter pepper profile still present.
  • The Anejo is barrel rested for over two years, imparting a silky vanilla presence with the signature floral agave pepperiness shining through.

This tequila is meant to be enjoyed straight and can be a crowd-pleasing staple of your bar for years to come. Cheers!


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