Brian’s Spirit Recipe of the Week 1/25/19

This week our newest obsession has been a fascinating mezcal recently released into our market; Union Uno Mezcal. If you are not familiar with this style of liquor, it is very similar to tequila; however, the two Mexican liquors require different specifications. Tequila is made from blue agave and must be produced in the state of Jalisco, while mezcal is made from a different strain of agave called espadin and must be produced in the state of Oaxaca. While close sisters in both content and location, their subtle differences lead to unique drinking experiences. This Union Uno mezcal features bold smoky flavors stemming from the fresh earthiness of espadin agave, while also remaining refreshingly light on the palate. Enjoy this spirit’s peppery yet smooth draw either straight, on the rocks, or as a base for your favorite margarita.

Paired with the Grove Street Alchemy Orange Liqueur from yesterday, a brilliant at-home coin margarita is born:

‘The Grove Street Union’ Margarita
• 2-parts Union Uno Mezcal
• 1-part Grove Street Alchemy Orange Liqueur
• Fresh Lime Juice to taste
Garnish with a fresh lime wedge and enjoy either on the rocks or blended with ice!

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