This week we feature a holiday classic that seems to only get better every year. Upslope Brewing’s Lee Hill Series Vol. 18 contains the same spiced, wild Christmas ale base that we’ve grown to love only this year’s fermentables are fresh Balaton cherries. The pour releases a sharp aroma of tart cherries, mulling spices, cherry jam, and sour citrus from the acidulated culture along with a slight barnyard funk. On the palate, tart cherries and woody oak tannins energize even the deepest reaching tastabuds followed by a thick wave of cherry juice that carries jolts of acidic green apple and lemon. Autumnal spices peek through near the end with enough tart cherry still present to round out this nearly pie-like canned dessert. Come in today and pick up a royal pint of Uplsope Brewing’s Wild Christmas Ale. Cheers!