Avery Brewing ‘The Kaiser’

6-Pack: $10.99

To wrap up our round-up of Colorado Oktoberfest brews, we’ve got none other than His Imperial Majesty, The Kaiser from Avery Brewing. This is an Imperial Oktoberfest Lager that clocks in at 8% ABV, and is basically a Märzenbier on steroids. It pours unassumingly enough, with an autumn leaf amber color and plenty of carbonation just like most of the other German-style lagers you see released around this time of year. But you can tell from one whiff that this isn’t your average, easy-drinking 5-percenter. Along with toasty, bready caramel malts you’d expect, there’s a refreshing punch of herbaceous Old World hops and a definite warming feeling all the way down your throat, almost like a nice shot of whiskey. You’ve made it this far with us so you might as well greet the fall with an example of the storied style that absolutely doesn’t mess around. Prost!