Boulder Beer Festbeer Helles

6-pack: $8.99

Similar to the 4 Noses Oktoberfest we tried last time, Boulder’s Festbier is a seasonal treat in the tradition of the Munich helles lager, which is lighter and less sweet than traditional Märzens we tend to think of when we hear “Oktoberfest” in the US. It pours a pale goldenrod color with a big, sudsy head of foam and pops out of the glass with zesty noble hop aroma. This is one of the cleanest-drinking and most crushable Oktoberfest beers I’ve ever tried, with just enough body to tell you it’s not a pilsner and an ample offering of floral hops on the finish. There’s almost no noticeable sweetness to it at all if you’re looking for something appropriate to the season but aren’t into that malty kick you get from other beers in this category. It’s the Oktoberfest beer for everyone who doesn’t normally like Oktoberfest beer.