Westminster Brewing Co

Farmer’s Bane Rye IPA

6-Pack: $9.49

Maybe you’re not into all these rich winter warmers and pumpkin spiced something-or-others, but you want to enjoy a brew with a little bit of a festive touch, too? Farmer’s Bane Rye IPA from just up the way at Westminster Brewing Co might be just the ticket. This crisp, delicious ale pours honey gold, mostly opaque but not quite hazy, without much of a head to speak of. It’s full of subtle, grassy undertones on the nose and hits your palette with a burst of bitter hops sure to satisfy fans of the classic West Coast style. It has a medium body and a solid malt backbone with just a hint of spice from the rye in the grain bill to give it some wintry flair. Get your fix of crisp and piney just in time to put the presents under the tree!