In today’s age, its hard to remember what the IPA was like before the forced-hazed, pineapple smoothie contraptions we can’t seem to avoid. Thankfully there’s Insane Rush from Bootstrap Brewing to remind us of a time when clarity was common, flavors were balanced, and sweetness wasn’t a sin for the India Pale Ale. On the nose, a rich aroma of toffee and caramel subdue lightly resinous notes of pine and citrus. Flavors follow suit with a malt-forward complexion of caramel sweetness highlighted by candied tangerine, a balancing bite of pine resin and bitter mango. The finish remains fruit-filled and refreshing with only a minimal amount of lingering bitterness. Come in today and pick up a 6-pack of this audaciously elemental hidden gem by Bootstrap Brewing Company today. Cheers!