Telluride Brewing Ski In Ski Stout

6-pack: $9.99

There’s snow on the mountains and that means it’s about time to hit the slopes. But if you’re not in the mood to brave I-70 until they get some of the snow cleared off, you may as well stay warm inside with a glass of Ski In Ski Stout from Telluride Brewing. This velvety oatmeal stout is brewed with coffee and cacao nibs, and from the pour it smells like that first pot of coffee at the cabin that gets everyone rolling out of bed for a day of winter fun. The flavor is definitely on the bitter side, almost like an Irish dry stout, but there’s some warm, malty, oatmeal goodness on the front end to keep it from drinking like black coffee all the way down. A great beer for watching flakes fall.