Living in a state known for craft beer us denizens can easily overlook the collection of fermented treats Colorado has to offer. One style I’m particularly fond of is the cyser: a blend of honey and apple cider that produces a manageably acidic brew with fine-tuned sweetness. A unique and locally-sourced cyser comes from none other than Denver’s own Colorado Cider Company. With the addition of lavender and rosemary, this cyser combines tart, floral, and resin for an unmatched flavor profile. Tart granny smith apple is first to hit the palate followed by a balancing honey sweetness and sharper flavors of pine and citrus that tickle every taste bud. All the while lavender plays its role by cushioning the mouthfeel which allows these flavors to seemingly hover over the tongue, out of reach of any cloying astringency. Unlike the highly acidic and bitter components of most ciders, the addition of wildflower honey in a cyser curbs that agonizing feeling from tannins we’ve all felt creep up the back of our jowls. While any fan of flavor is sure to enjoy this concoction, those who prefer white wine such as a Chenin Blanc or Brut Riesling could appreciate their similar structures. Come in and pick up a 6-pack of Pome Mel by Colorado Cider Company today. Cheers!