While I’d be remiss not to highlight a pumpkin beer this month, there’s really only one that I tend to return to year after year. For the fifth fall in a row, Odyssey Beerwerks has released its seasonal porter, Fluffy Pumpkin, to be enjoyed across Colorado’s front range. The pour is midnight black topped by a billowing beige head with an aroma that hints at Fluffy Pumpkin’s adjunct ingredients in the form of pumpkin lending an earthy background to complement the chocolate base, vanilla and marshmallow a balancing sweetness, and autumnal spices that encapsulate the beer in a layer of pie crust. On the palate, marshmallow smooths out the roasted, chocolate porter base paving a path for spice flavors to shine such as nutmeg and allspice that linger throughout the finish. Muse over all those nights spent around a campfire this summer with a 6-pack of Odyssey’s S’more in a can, Fluffy Pumpkin. Cheers!