As if to nurture palates shattered by the colloidal competition between India Pale Ales of yesteryear, the Brut IPA’s crystalline appearance and profound balance has quickly come to our aid. This week we feature New Belgium’s untitled Brut IPA. As expected, the pour resembles a brilliant twelve-fluid-ounce yellow sapphire topped by a billowing white head. On the nose, fruity notes of peach and mango accent a refreshing aroma of lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit complemented by earthy cracker-like malts. Flavors follow suit with citrus and tropical fruit flavors blazing a trail for a balancing malt sweetness to follow. In the end, a considerate malt backbone and hop influence which wets the taste buds instead of galvanizing them produces an easy-drinking profile that isn’t too Brut-ally dry. Come in today and pick up a 6-pack or two of New Belgium’s Brut IPA. Cheers!