Ska Brewing Oktoberfest

6 pack: $9.49

As we count down the weeks to Oktoberfest, our second Colorado contender is from Ska brewing. Their German-style Oktoberfest lager pours a darker amber than last week’s offering from Odell and holds its head a bit longer. The aroma is sweet and herbal, with those noble hops jumping right out of the glass. Taste-wise, it’s very crisp and refreshing. The sweetness of the roast malts is definitely present, but it’s a supporting character rather than the main feature. It finishes dry with more of that noble hop herbaceousness, and doesn’t linger too long on the tongue. If you’re not quite ready to get into the autumn spirit yet (and in this heat, who is?), this is a spin on the Oktoberfest style that you can drink cold while the sun shines and be ready for another.