Post Brewing Howdy Pilsner

6-pack: $9.99

After some time away, Post Brewing’s Howdy Western Pilsner is back on the shelves at Superior Liquor! This very crushable, 4.5% ABV pilsner is just the kind of brew you want to hand to a friend who still drinks domestics and hasn’t hopped on the craft beer train yet. The pour is a crisp, clear, pale gold with a nice topper of white foam. As you go for your first sip, you’ll be treated to a zesty, classic pilsner aroma with enough punch to tell you this beer may be light in body and color, but it’s not light in flavor. The full-flavored hops and malt are bold, but there’s nothing too complicated about them. This is just a tasty, old-fashioned beer with a modern Colorado sensibility. Drink it ice cold and enjoy!