Eddyline Summer in the Citra Double Dry-Hopped IPA

6-pack: $10.99

It’s scorching, dry heat all day and ice falling out of the sky in the evening. Sounds like a Colorado summer to me! And it’s the perfect time for Eddyline’s Summer in the Citra Double Dry-Hopped IPA. This is a brew that should satisfy the hop heads among us, pouring a summery blonde color with a fair bit of haze and brimming with lemony, floral, and fresh-cut grass aromas. Each sip treats you to a full-bodied and smooth liquid that has a delightful, almost honey-like malt backbone that doesn’t go overboard on the sweetness and plays host to slightly bitter hop flavors with just a bit of tangerine and pineapple. The finish is very dry and refreshing. For an American craft beer, it actually reminds me in a lot of ways of a classic English India Pale Ale or an APA with its balanced characteristics. This is one you can definitely take your time with to experience all of its complexity. Just have a bucket of ice on hand to keep that 16-ouncer cool while the sun beats down.