Superior’s Beer Blog of the Week

The weather’s starting to get a bit warmer, but a lot of us are currently stuck inside. What would really hit the spot in that situation is something that’s got a little more ABV kick to it than usual, but isn’t super rich, heavy, or roasty like some of our imperial winter favorites. Tropic King from Funkwerks is an imperial saison clocking in at 8% that fits the bill. It pours a nice, clear goldenrod color without too much carbonation. The nose is very Belgian, with that distinct banana candy scent from the yeast taking point. Each sip is crisp and refreshing, with a medium body and a soft but noticeable alcohol burn on the back. The flavor profile is fairly subtle, with a base of wheaty malt hiding hints of bitter and tart that won’t overwhelm your palette. Saisons can range from not really sour at all to very sour, and this one definitely falls on the low end. It’s not quite in the “crushable” category, but it hits the spot on a warm afternoon and is probably about as close as you’re going to find in a beer of this strength. Grab one to unwind. While you’re cooped up at home, maybe even two.


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