Odell Brewing Isolation Ale


If you’re looking to try a winter warmer that’s not overwhelmingly sweet and isn’t going to have you stumbling around after just one glass, Isolation Ale from Odell Brewing is a great entry point. It pours about the same color as your average amber, though it’s anything but average. Through a fluffy, cream-colored head you can smell the rich maltiness and a hint of hops. The taste is rich, caramely, and malty without overdoing it and tasting like a dessert beverage, with the hops imparting a bit of spiciness and a crisp, clean finish. There’s a little bit of warming on your tongue and throat from the 6.1% ABV, but it’s much milder than some other examples of the style that can get up to 8% or higher. It’s a great beer for a winter day when you still have things to do around the house, but just need a bit of a relaxer to get going.