Upslope Lager

The Big Game is coming up. So let me guess: you’re looking for a 12-pack of something that will satisfy fans of the classic American lager but has a little more flavor than the typical Coors or Bud. Many craft breweries are taking a look at the style these days, but few have done better than Upslope Lager. It pours a clear, pleasant gold with a nice head of carbonation. You get light aromas from the glass of floral hops and sweet corn. The taste isn’t going to weird out anyone at your party who is used to domestics – it’s most of the same flavors you’d find in those old school brews but cleaner and bolder. Subtle bready malts are cut perfectly by a bit of hop bitterness, swirling in a smooth, crisp mouthfeel. It’s a great gateway into the world of craft beer, and tastes great ice cold with a plate of wings.