Odd 13 Moon Master

The flavors we tend to associate with IPAs tend to run along a spectrum from piny and crisp to juicy and fruity. One you’re probably not used to hearing in the style? Vanilla. Odd 13’s Moon Master dares to test the waters, though, adding the fragrant spice to a mix of Azacca, Amarillo, Centennial, and Idaho-7 hops. It pours hazy and quite pale, almost like an unfiltered lemonade, with a thin, fine head. The aroma is mostly crisp citrus with maybe a hint of pineapple and a light touch of pine needle from those Northwest hops. The flavor is surprisingly dry and bitter compared to Odd 13’s other brews, though it has the body and mouthfeel of a classic hazy. The creamy vanilla overtones soften the sharper edges like a light, fluffy blanket of sweetness, but it doesn’t persist much on the finish, which is much more West Coast-y. This may be a good beer to get your Northwest hop purists into the hazy style.