As we cling to these last temperate days, its only appropriate that we do so with a cooling local brew in hand. And while this week’s feature isn’t technically brewed, it is weird enough to catch the eyes of the adventurous and refreshing enough to be enjoyed by anyone nostalgic of the warm summer behind us. Stem Ciders out of Denver, CO and their Salted Cucumber cider might be one of the most underrated and successfully daring seasonals on our shelves. On the nose, a sharp aroma of earthy white pepper and saline dominates the profile and mask any indication of an apple base. Crisp flavors of peppery cucumber skin, lemongrass, and invigorating saltiness elate the palate while a sour apple pucker reverberates throughout the finish. By keeping the body light and carefully playing off our taste buds’ primary flavors, Stem Ciders proves that simplicity can outperform complexity with enough attention to detail. Come pick up a 6-pack of this unique cider today while it’s still around! Cheers!