Hear me out — yes, we’re featuring another margarita can. But what can I say? They keep flying off the shelves, and the liquor department wants to share its excitement over this new product with you as soon as possible. Besides, I’ll take a refreshingly cold margarita over a cider or beer on any scorching day of the week. 

Available in 200ml cans with eye-popping graphics on a cool blue background, Tia Linda’s namesake provided both the recipe — and the blessing — for their creation. Graham Christy, one of the owners and founders, had this to say about the product:

We have always had [Tia Linda’s] margaritas at family reunions and events and they were always presented in a big clay pot with a spigot for serving. We wanted to capture that party, shareable vibe that we associate her margaritas with…

As for the product itself, we worked really hard to ensure it is made with all-natural ingredients and good tequila ([which] come[s] from Casa Maestri in Jalisco, MX). We also use organic lemon and lime juice and are proud to say there are no preservatives or artificial coloring in our product.

Our new liquor manager, Matt, adds that he enjoyed the margarita specifically because it tastes like something you’d buy in a bar or restaurant; it’s much higher quality than a seltzer-can masquerading as a cocktail. 

So if your margs need a bit more zing, more bang for your buck, and more killer flavor, pick up at 4-pack or a single serve can of Tia Linda, on sale for all of July. 

Check out Tia Linda’s Margarita Cans in the Cocktail & Pre-Mixed section (15D) of Superior Liquor Market, as well as in the single can coolers in aisle 7. 

Four packs are on sale for $14.99! 


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