Spirit Blog: “Refreshing, Relaxed, Ready to Drink Cocktails: Try The Mule 2.0”

Article by Allie, Liquor Department Associate

An immensely popular cocktail that’s iconically served in a hammered copper mug, the Moscow Mule combines vodka and ginger beer with a squeeze of lime, often with a lime wedge on the rim. Between the citrusy bite, spicy ginger and a buzz of carbonation, it’s a go-to for a refreshing beverage with a buzz.

For two major beverage producers — one of ginger beer, one of vodka — the Mule started as a morose pair of salesmen commiserating in a bar over lack of interest in their respective products. When they combined forces and added a splash of citrus to a new concoction, it didn’t take long for the cocktail to rise in immediate popularity. Despite its origins Stateside, the “Moscow” portion alludes to vodka’s birthplace of Russia. 

Of course, if vodka isn’t your spirit of choice, you can also deviate from the recipe with bourbon (Kentucky Mule), gin (London Mule), or just about anything you like. The possibilities remain endless, and Mule 2.0 wants to bring both the classic and its many variations to you in a premixed, ready to drink format. 

Founded and owned by Lisa Marlow in 2014, and marketed as “100% Women Owned and Run” (Mule 2.0), this company built itself around the idea of providing a product which remained consistent in both quality and flavor. They promise consumers natural flavors and a recipe as authentic as possible to the original Moscow Mule, with only 8% abv per can. Further, by selling in a can as opposed to glass bottles, Mule 2.0 offers a ready-to-drink serving that doesn’t need to be poured into a copper mug to enjoy.

In terms of food pairings, think curries, Thai dishes, or Spanish tapas with a flavorful kick. The ginger and lime would also work beautifully with seafood dishes such as Arrabiata, fish stew, New Orleans shrimp, or gumbo. With warmer weather on the horizon, the Moscow Mule 2.0 offers a ready-made mixed drink packed with flavor and refreshing crispness. 


Find this item in Superior Liquor’s Pre-Mixed Cocktail section at only $10.99 for a 4-pack, or $3.19 for a single can. 


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