Distillers anywhere in the world can make rum, so long as they have access to sugar, sometimes spices, and possibly barrels. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we make it even in the heart of Colorado, especially because the altitude allows for greater pressure of the spirits in and out of their barrels, thus infusing them with more flavor. 

Montanya began with founder Karen Hoskin and continues as a female-owned distillery with a focus on premium rum. Inspired by worldwide journeys and sampling international distillers’ wares, she first built the company in Silverton before moving it further north, deeper into the mountains and within the popular outdoor sports community of Crested Butte.

From the get-go, Hoskin aimed for a company that maintained stewardship, activism, and sustainability. As of 2019, all production and the tasting room are 100% wind-powered; Montanya further chooses to not use any plastic materials for packaging or drinking vessels (including straws). 

A second mission of Karen Hoskin concerns gender diversity — as a founding member of the Women’s Distillery Guild, and in collaboration with Women of the Vine & Spirits, she dedicates time to helping women not only enter the spirits industry, but to help them thrive as key innovators and offer support in their careers. This is echoed in her own distillery, where 60% of her staff and 75% of management is female. 

For more information about how Montanya works toward the benefit of both local and greater communities, click here to go straight to their website. 

Since their initial opening in 2008, Montanya’s rums have won many distinctions at the national level and on the international stage, including double gold at the World Rum Awards. Their website states that they use all-American ingredients, including sugar cane from Louisiana, Colorado water, and “the tiniest touch of Colorado honey…[to bring] out the natural flavors of the sugar cane and the barrels.” Barrels sourced from Laws Whiskey in Denver hold newly distilled Montanya rums for 24 months to five years, and they are stored at altitude to add greater complexity. 

Worthy of note about Montanya: they never add sugar to their rums, unlike other popular brands. Despite this, all of their available options here at Superior Liquor (the Platino, the Oro, and the Exclusiva) have aromas and flavors ranging from floral, to fruity, to honeyed, to dried spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. If you’re looking for home-grown rum with excellent taste and a mission for good, don’t neglect Montanya Rum.


Look for Montanya Rums in the liquor “Feature Space” for all of June, as well as in our rum section in aisle 16A. The Montanya Rum Platino will be on sale for $19.99, and the Rum Oro for $24.99. 


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