Spirit Blog 5/15/19 – Spirit Hound Select Barrel

The new exciting style of American Whiskey has to be the American Single Malt. Boasting a profile of single grain malted barley, this style encompasses a richer taste profile than the sweeter Bourbons. Fresh from the barrel house in Lyons Colorado we have selected barrel #104 to call our own. This Whiskey has notes of pear and crisp apple; with rich wood, vanilla and oak flavors lent from lightly peat smoked barley. Resting in the barrel for two straight years rounds out the complexities in this Bourbon inviting a smooth finish enjoyed either straight or on the rocks. 750ml sizes have been bottled at 90 proof, while a cask strength option at 128 proof are also available in a pint. This whiskey is an easy go-to for any occasion while also supporting a local distillery!



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