Nathan’s Wine of the Week 07/10/19

Pamplune Grapefruit Rosé

Regular Price: $12.99

Sale Price: $9.99

The practice of adding fruit juice or syrup to rosé wine has a long history in the sun-soaked South of France. Sipping these brightly colored low-alcohol beverages on the beach was something of a regional indulgence until in the early part of this decade one producer bottled a rosé pamplemousse (grapefruit in French), and a phenomenon was born! Since then, sales throughout France have exploded, and in the last few years this delicious style of rosé has taken the USA by storm! The bright pink hue, the peachy hints and vivacious grapefruit nuances, and the overall freshness of this versatile low-alcohol rosé, make it irresistible. Don’t miss your chance to sample this fashionable and versatile rosé – use it in a spritzer, use it as a cocktail base, or just enjoy it ice cold in your glass all summer long!


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