Mountain Wave: Your Go-To Summer Beer from 4 Noses Brewery

Do you love a bright, crisp beer that delivers aromatic hops and a refreshing bitterness? Mountain Wave is an American Pale Ale from 4 Noses Brewery that brings a complex experience, both lighter in color and flavor than most of the Front Range classics. It is also one of the most thirst-quenching in the genre. A subtle maltiness sweetens the sharper hop flavors, leaving a balanced but ultimately craveable summer beer. The sharp carbonation and dry finish are best experienced ice-cold and outside in the sun. Mountain Wave is a highly drinkable adventure beer for hop and lager enthusiasts alike. At 5% ABV, you can treat this beer like a session IPA, pilsner, pale ale, or your favorite chuggable lager. When you need an easy-drinking beer with sophisticated aromatics and thirst-quenching mouthfeel, just grab a pack of Mountain Wave and head for the hills. Cheers!

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