Matt’s wine of the week. 9/5/18

Painted Wolf
The den – Chenin Blanc 2017
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $9.99

A painted wolf is an African wild dog that is also known as a painted dog, because of the marking and patterns in their fur that are like fingerprints that distinguish individuals in the pack. The den for these packs of beautiful creatures act like meeting places and social gathering areas for all the members of the pack. This Chenin Blanc is the perfect ice breaker for getting together with friends and family in your own “den.” A well balanced and full bodied white that gushes with tropical fruits and has a zippy acidity that keeps you coming back for more! Great with appetizers and company, this wine is sure to get the party started! The Painted Wolf wines are also “feel good” thirst quenchers that help preserve the land that is home to the Painted Wolf.


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