Matt’s Wine of the Week 03/10/20

Kloovenburg ‘The Gatekeepers’
White blend 2019
Normal Price:$14.99
Sale Price: 2 for $20!

Since Piet and Barbara du Toit took the reigns of the Kloovenburg farm in 1957, their vineyards have been guarded by sculptures of Piet’s falcon and Barabara’s owl. The patriarch’s falcon patrols the vineyards during the day and the matriarch’s watchful owl guards from her perch at night. Some of the precious fruit they keep from danger is found in this marvelous white blend from their Swartland vineyards. A textured white blend of 78% Chenin Blanc, 13% Grenache Blanc, 6% Verdelho and 3% Roussanne. With a bouquet of field flowers and citrus, this wine is packed with notes of peach, tangerine and melon rinds. The layers of soft fruits and a springy mouthfeel make for a mouthwatering white blend that is a perfect match with grilled fish over pasta with white sauce and steamed veggies.

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