Matt’s Wine of the Week 02.27.19

Since it is still pretty darn cold out there I wanted to write up a red wine and was having a Cabernet sort of craving. However, I couldn’t decide on a Cabernet from our organic selections so I went with what I thought would not only satisfy that Cabernet craving but draw some well-deserved attention to a grape that any Cabernet drinker would love! These organically grown Monastrell grapes have been tended to by four generations of the internationally recognized Gil family in Jumilla. Juan Gil, the more popular label in their repertoire is their flagship but this Honoro Vera Monastrell Organic 2017 is absolutely delightful! The stark contrast in temperature during the day and night as well as the stony earth the vines are planted in give the distinct characteristics of not only Jumilla but the Gil family’s prowess in winemaking under such conditions. From the kingdom of Monastrell we are happy to present you with this wine that engulfs your nostrils with a fantastic bouquet that is followed up with the same richness on the palate delivering fresh, dark fruits that fill your mouth and finish with lingering tannin. Great with a hearty stew on one of those chilly evenings! Cheers! – Matt

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