Long Drink Cocktails!

Summer is fast approaching, and what better way to enjoy it than with a nice, refreshing ready-to-drink canned cocktail, or RTD for short. Let’s talk about the Long Drink this week. The Long Drink is a gin and grapefruit-based cocktail. The origin of the drink dates back to 1952 when the Finnish government was concerned about having to serve an enormous number of people at the summer Olympic games. The government sanctioned the help of a Finnish beverage company called Hartwell to satisfy all the thirsty spectators. Hartwell came up with the idea for the Long Drink due to how easy it was to make. The name ‘Long Drink’ comes from the highball glass in which it was served, and thus the Long Drink made its global debut at the 1952 summer Olympic games. The Finnish government owned the rights to the Long Drink and only allowed Hartwell to sign three-year contracts to manufacture it. This remained the common practice until Finland joined the EU in 1995, allowing multiple companies to create the drink. In Finland, the Long Drink will be served on tap in most bars or in a can. The Long Drink is a great, refreshing cocktail for any of your summer needs, whether you’re camping in the Rockies or playing a round of golf with your friends. There are five different flavors of Long Drink you can find at Superior Liquor: the traditional, the strong, the light, cranberry, and the recently introduced peach flavors.

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