Jamie’s Wine of the Week 5/19/20

Kuentz-Bas Alsace Blanc 2018

Regular Price: $13.99

Sale Price: $12.99

Kuentz-Bas alsace Blanc 2018 Perched on one of the highest points in Alsace, Kuents-Bas stands as a pillar of history, with over two hundred years of winemaking excellence. The winery believes in precise vineyard management and low intervention in the cellar, which creates a house style highly focused on the expression of their quintessential Alsatian terroir. Their Alsace Blanc, composed of 45% Sylvaner, 15% Muscat, 12%Pinot Gris, 12%Gewurztraminer, 12% Pinot Blanc, and 4% Chasselas is one of the best introductions to the region on the market. Floral aromatics give way to a lean, crisp palate full of stone fruit, citrus, and intense Alsatian minerality. Try a glass alongside oysters, mussels, rock lobster, fresh veggies, or a wide variety of cheeses. Cheers!

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