While many breweries try to stay relevant by keeping up with the latest crazes in beer, the crew at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse has a different approach. Giving a modern twist strictly to historic German beers, this Loveland brewery not only remains relevant but consistently takes the podium at festivals around the world. Little Red Cap is Grimm Brothers’ take on the German-style Altbier: a cold-matured, top-fermented concoction with characteristics of both a lager and an ale. The pour is a deep reddish copper topped by an  off-white head that releases a dry and nutty aroma of cracker malt, caramel, and hints of grassy hops. On the palate, semisweet flavors of caramel and bread dough first hit the taste buds followed by more delicate flavors of dark red fruit, mild spice, and an earthy hop presence. Come in today and pick up a six-pack of the 2018 Great American Beer Fesitival silver medalist today. Prost!