Much has changed for the IPA in the last couple years. Bitterness is becoming less of a highlight as the types and  uses of  hops keep evolving, opening up the style to those who have adamantly avoided it in the past. Currently the unofficially designated Smoothie IPA is at the hopped-up helm and this week we feature a favorite: Pineapple Velvet, 4 Noses Brewing’s take on the sensation. Pouring an opaque pale yellow topped by a thin off-white head, this IPA releases a bright aroma of citrus, pineapple, and hints of muted pine. On the unexpecting palate, a velvety smooth splash of sweet pineapple and vanilla is followed by an even smoother wave of grapefruit rind and resinous pine. Lactose aids in the soft mouthfeel as the vanilla and pineapple combat the hoppy bitterness. While controversy may linger on whether these beers truly fit the style of an IPA, you’ll hear no debate over the quality of Pineapple Velvet. Come pick up a 4-pack today. Cheers!