Earlier this year we featured Upslope Brewing’s Champagne Saison for its unique ingredients and general deliciousness. This week we return to the same beer under the guise of Dry-Hopped Brett Saison after spending seven month in various wine barrels and given a pinch of Brettanomyces for good measure. The pour resembles a brilliant golden-orange topped by a billowing white head, as opposed to Champagne’s headless pour. On the nose a pungent aroma of sticky wine barrel like strawberry jam, apple skins, and a heavy floral background with hints of Brett funk pique the taste buds. Flavors pleasantly lighter than the nose suggests breeze across the palate in the form of peppery yeast, sourdough, stone fruits, and an earthy Brett tickle while oak from the wine barrel lingers throughout the finish. Come in today to witness a fun transformation of an already delightful beer or just to try the ever satisfying series from Upslope that is Lee Hill. Cheers!