Food should delight not only the taste buds but all the senses of the mind and body. It should make you stop and savor the moment. This is the philosophy of La Quercia (La Kwair-cha), a line of artisanal cured meats made in Norwalk, Iowa. La Quercia, meaning oak in Italian, is a symbol of the province of Parma, Italy, home of prosciutto’s origins, and where the founders of La Quercia lived for several years before coming back home to the states and making a career out of their newfound love for cured meats. Their award-winning products are of the highest quality, working with local farmers who make sure their pigs are living their best lives. But the quality doesn’t just stop with the ingredients, there is a profound respect for tradition as well as the environment, leaving a low carbon footprint with their means of production methods. Be sure to grab a pack or two (or more) of their “Rustix” a salami snack stick loaded with high quality energy and perfect for on the go. Made from the pork shank, a lean cut, these protein packed snacks are available in two flavors, Smoky and Spicy, and are sure to make you stop and savor the moment. Both flavors will be on sale this week for $4.99, usually $5.99 per 2.2oz package. Cheers and Bon Appetit!