All the way from Southern Italy I give you this week a little antipasto treat; bruschetta by Orti D’Italia.  There are many variations of bruschetta from its ingredients to the way it’s pronounced.  On a side note being from New Jersey, the home of the Sopranos, I can assure you the correct pronunciation is “bru’sketta.”  Orti D’Italia makes a delicious and authentic line of bruschetta working directly with farmers in Gioiosa Jonica where nature is generous all year round and ingredients are always harvested at the peak of their flavors.  Available in three varieties; garlic tomato, basil pesto and sundried tomato, these bruschettas are perfect as a snack or appetizer and pair well with a glass of Soave or Sangiovese. Usually $5.99 per 5.3oz container, all Orti D’Italia bruschettas will be on sale this week for only $2.99! Cheers and Bon Appetit!