This week’s food pick is inspired by a childhood memory of mine. I was not always an adventurous eater when I was young, and one thing you could not get me to eat was fish. That was until one day my grandmother made fried fish but told me it was fried chicken, which I loved. So when asked how the fried chicken was I told her it was the best fried chicken I ever had. Then she broke the news that it was fish, schooled by Grandma, good job Grandma, cause now I love fish and have ever since that day. I was reminded of this memory when a friend and co-worker shared a similar story about coercing her young niece and nephew into eating the gluten-free tea loaf breads we carry by Spruce Confections Bakery in Boulder. These delicious breads currently come in two different flavors; Lemon Raspberry Poppyseed Swirl and Chocolate Zucchini. My co-worker told her niece the Lemon Raspberry was Princess Cake and her nephew the Chocolate Zucchini was Monster Cake, and sure enough both reacted the same way to their aunt the way I reacted to my grandma’s “fried chicken.” So be sure to surprise your taste buds and “Spruce” your day up with one of Spruce Confections gluten free tea loaf breads this week for only $1.99. usually $2.99. Cheers and Bon Appetit!