This week say hello to Doux South, your new favorite line of pickled products.  Bringing traditional Southern flare and pickling recipes to a jar near you, Doux South uses no artificial flavoring, emulisfiers, or calcium chloride, only natural ingredients.  With four different flavors to choose from; Drunken Tomatoes, Angry Cukes, Chow Chow and Mean Green Tomatoes there is a flavor to either garnish a cocktail or top of a dish with.  Puree the Drunken Tomatoes to make one killer Bloody Mary or make a little salsa with or top off your next hot dog with a little Chow Chow (a cabbage and garden veggie relish) for added flavor.  Whichever flavor calls to you this is going to be the week to save on all Doux South products which will be on sale for only $6.99, usually $9.99!  So be sure to put a little Southern accent in your snacking and drinking this week.  Cheers and Bon Appetit!