I thought that Spring had sprung, but alas.  Winter is coming, again, in more ways than one.  If you’re like me, and like most of the world’s population, then you too are excited for the premiere of HBO’s final season of Game of Thrones! This week’s food pick is a battle of epic proportions in its own. Get your nachos, hamburger sliders and cheese boards ready with a wedge of both Excalibur 6 month and 12-month aged cheddars.   Whether you are hosting a G.O.T watching party, watching it by yourself, or impending colder winter-like weather this week has you staying indoors eating all day be sure to have the Excalibur cheddars on hand and ready to go!  Challenge your taste buds and try them side by side to see how age effects the overall profile of the cheese.  The 6 month usually $5.99, and the 12-month, $6.99, will both be $2 off their original price. Let the battle for Excalibur and the Iron Throne begin!  Cheers and Bon Appetit!